Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

It seems like yesterday we were ringing in a new century and here we are a decade later ready to ring in 2011. While 2010 wasn't my best year, it wasn't my worst either. I was hospitilized on three different occasions, lost my job and lost a dear friend. On the upswing, I was able to travel and make some new friends and deepen relationships with old friends. It's been a year of changes in our house. Our daughter decided to leave the nest and so did we. In just over two weeks we will begin a new chapter in our lives. We will be living our dream of RVing around the country. For years we had talked about it, researched it, even went to a four day conference about "Life on Wheels" where we gained valuable information. With all the changes in benefits our govenor was making this past year, Lenny decided it was time to retire. He was hoping to wait until he was 55, but we figured out that we can afford to live our dream now. Life is not guaranteed and we have seen many friends and family members lives cut short so now is the time for us. We are busy saying our farewells to our friends and family here and looking forward to saying our hello's to friends and family on our travels. 2010 ended with the Boxing Day Blizzard which has put us behind schedule a little in our packing but hey, we've still got two weeks. Oh no, TWO WEEKS!!! Gotta run, enjoy the slide show of "2010 - A Year in Pictures". Here's to a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year! Thanks for travelling along with us on The Thomas' Trails...till next year.