Sunday, September 27, 2009

Greenwood Lake Airshow & WWII re-enactment

OK, I'm still getting the hang of this blogging thing. It seems I should add my pictures first and then write the script to go along with it. Maybe next time, it will work better.

Wow, what an awesome day. Another first for us. I had never been to an airshow so this was rather exciting. We arrived early at the airport in West Milford, NJ and enjoyed our coffee and doughnuts. Hey, we run on Dunkin too. Just ask my friends at work, I love my iced coffee in the afternoon. Anyway, back to Saturday...There was an awesome encampment of WWII re-enactors both American and German and lots of planes. When the show started they had two female sky divers jump from a plane, one with an American flag as everyone stood to the playing of our national anthem. Why you would jump from a perfectly good plane is beyond me, but it was a sight to behold. There were many performers there from bi-planes to WWII aircraft to precision flying. And Saturday was the perfect day to sit outside and watch. It was a little cool out but when the sun was shining it warmed up a bit. I did get sunburn on my face but that's ok, give it a day or two and it will fade. We took well over 100 pictures, some just clouds (boy those planes go fast) and some with just part of the plane (usually the tail) but the majority came out great, so instead of writing about I will show you in pictures...enjoy as we travel along the Thomas' Trails...

Janis & Lenny

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Sunday started out as a beautiful day. We got together with friends, fired up the motorhome and headed north to the Sussex County Grilling Competition. Having never been there, we were not quite sure what to expect so we left early in the morning, o.k. not that early, about 8. We wanted to get a good spot and relax a little. After we arrived at the fairgrounds, we set up the table and chairs and had a great breakfast. Bev and Lou bought bagels, lox, cream cheese. We had everything necessary, especially the coffee. Nothing better than sitting back on a Sunday morning catching up with old friends. We watched as all the classic cars rolled in and saw the smokers in the distance gearing up for an afternoon of grilled meat and veggies. There were all sorts of competitors there grilling and smoking all sorts of beef, pork, chicken, wild game, fruits and vegetables. We enjoyed many different flavors and styles of cooking and some were not as tasty, but hey it was free. Tired from all the walking and eating, Bev and Jan relaxed at the motorhome while Lenny and Lou went to check out the classic car show. Even the "General Lee" was there followed by the cops. On the way home, we stopped at the Mahlon Dickerson campground to empty our holding tanks. It looks like a beautiful place to camp and the price is reasonable. We plan to check it out in the future. On our way there, I noticed the passenger side wall of our motorhome was moving, something it's not supposed to do. Len didn't realize how bad it was until Jan decided to drive the coach for a while so he could sit in the back and see. Yes, it's bad, but we are checking into places to get it fixed. Until then, "Aggie" our motorhome sits in the driveway. Hopefully able to be fixed by the time we are going to Virginia in three weeks. This weekend, it's off to the airshow. Another first for us as we've never been to one. Hope you enjoy travelling with us on the Thomas' Trails...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Summer is Over, but not Camping Season

Wow, it amazes me how quickly time flies. It seems like just last week we were preparing for a busy camping season and now we're making plans for winterizing our beloved 32' Coachman Santara. March had us freezing our booties off down the Jersey shore with my cousins. There, they introduced us to Sonic hamburgers which only recently moved into our area. We climbed Barnegat Lighthouse and went to the Popcorn Park Zoo. We have been to the mountains of Vermont twice. The second time with our niece and nephew (both teenagers). We had a great time showing them the countryside and introducing them to two of my favorite men. Yup, Ben and Jerry. Len went to the NASCAR race at Pocono. We've been down the Jersey shore a few times. Gotta love those relatives with a big enough driveway for us to park in. We spent our anniversary at Gettysburg. I wanted to re-enact the civil war but Lenny didn't want to play the southern role. What an interesting place. A definite must do again on my list. We also went on the Utz Factory tour. Free chips at the end. Yeah! This year has also been a year of firsts in our travels. For the first time, we slept in a truck stop in New York, first time to Ben and Jerry's, first time travelling with kids that weren't ours. Finally had the opportunity to eat at a Golden Corral Buffet. I'm still stuffed. In August we went to the Ice Cream Festival in Toms River, NJ and in September we will be going to a grilling competition in Sussex County, NJ and an air show in West Milford, NJ. A few more firsts are yet to come. Next month we will be travelling to Virginia to check out the Green Valley Book Fair (, and seeing a show at Sight and Sound theatres in Lancaster, PA. We will be ending our season in November down in the Cape May area of NJ. Probably freezing our booties off once more. So while we may not travel as much as we want, we have travelled alot this year.

I'll be posting on an irregular basis to this blog, so we'll see how it goes. Follow along on our uncharterd trails...

Janis & Lenny