Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy 104th Birthday Aunt Marguerite

Wow, 104 years young! Today Lenny and I were invited to celebrate the 104th birthday of his Aunt Marge. I remember four years ago when we were planning his parents 50th wedding anniversary, she told me in no uncertain terms that we were not to have their party the same day as her 100th Birthday party and here we are four years later. It was great to see family members we don’t usually get to see. And when we went to wish Aunt Marge a Happy Birthday, she looked at me and said, “I see you’ve found your way back home.” I sure hope if I live that long, that I still have all my faculties and can get around like she does. She is truly a blessed woman to be surrounded by her family, her daughter, three grandchildren, not sure how many great grands and great-great-grands, and her friends.IMG_5956
They had everyone wear nametags with your relationship. That’s good because sometimes I forget who I am. LOL. They also had some facts about the year Aunt Marge was born entitled “What Was Life Like in 1907?” For instance, a loaf of bread cost 5 cents! A gallon of milk was 31 cents. A car cost $500 and a house cost $4,500. Unemployment was a mere 2.8 percent. Oklahoma became the 46th state. Theodore Roosevelt was president and his vice president was Charles W. Fairbanks. The first helicopter flew, the famous “ball” dropped in Times Square to signal the new year. The first cabs with meters began operating in London and Jim Casey founded the United Parcel Service in Seattle. The average life expectancy in the US was 45.6 years for men and 49.9 years for women. I guess you could say that Aunt Marge is above average! Pneumonia and influenza were the leading causes of death in the US and a bubonic plague outbreak began in San Francisco. Aunt Marge shares her date of birth with the author of the Pippi Longstocking books and with painter Claude Monet. She shares the year of her birth with such famous people as John Wayne, Gene Autry, Sir Laurence Olivier and Katherine Hepburn.IMG_5958
She has survived two world wars, numerous other wars, the depression of 1929 and many other events in history. Aunt Marge is a wonderful woman whose home has always been open to us. We love her and wish her a VERY HAPPY 104TH BIRTHDAY!!! May we all be as blessed in our lives as she has been.

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