Monday, December 5, 2011

Marines and Ruins

It was a beautiful day in SC today. Last night was mild enough to leave the windows open. It’s been awhile since we’ve slept with open windows. Today we had some household chores to tend to, but when they were all finished we decided to go for a ride. We started heading out towards Parris Island, then we saw a military jet fly over so I checked my GPS for area airports and saw that we were only 10 miles away from the Marine Corps Air Station. Follow that jet! We drove past lots of marsh land and over rivers thru small towns and then we saw it. Yea, right. I don’t know what possessed us thinking we could get on base to take pictures, but we tried. We blamed it on the GPS leading us to make a wrong turn. The MP was very nice about it and let us turn around. I was still able to get some nice pictures of old jets outside the base. We headed toward home and out toward the highway when we saw a sign for the town we’re staying in so we made a right turn down a back road with moss draped oak trees and I’m glad we did. A few miles down the road we saw a historical marker. Out of the corner of my eye I saw ruins of a large brick building. We found a place to turn around and went back and parked. It was the ruins of a church built in the 1700’s, burned by the British in 1779, rebuilt in 1826 and burned again in 1865 by the Federal Army. As you walk through the gate, it gets eerily surreal. The oak trees draped with moss with grave markers peppered throughout the grounds. The burned remains of a brick church, the altar marred with age. Charred brick along the top. It was definitely worth the stop. Pictures can say so much more than words, enjoy them. Thanks for traveling along with us on The Thomas’ Trails…until next time.

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